16 September 2020 @ 7:30PM Eastern

Thriving through continuous change exhausts even the strongest. It is true, change cannot be pushed for sustained excellence.

Pulling in change is an individual choice coupled with limitless potential and appetite. In a pandemic world of competing values, disruptive policies, conflicting priorities and demanding urgency of balancing life, one can easily get overwhelmed. In this session, we are going to explore our personal and professional failed wins. The wins that help us rise to Agile leadership in a time where leadership critique is fierce and leadership vigilance and empathy is critical. 

About our Speaker:

Nabila Sattar Safdar coached business agility in biotech, software, retail, non-profit, co-op, technology and academic spanning over 15 years. Driven by the passion for continuous learning, Nabila is always exploring new ways to better serve teams. Her primary focus is strengthening relationships to deliver value. Passions include teaching, travel and food!

Nabila is serving as a Senior Scrum Master at Do it Best Corp., Professor at Purdue University Fort Wayne teaching Project management, Technology Strategy & Management and Design Project to Computer Science and Information Systems/Technology students. Nabila is also the president of Nabilities, a consulting firm, focused on adding value to others using training, mentoring and coaching on agility & change leadership.  On the philanthropic side, Nabila is a board member at the American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana and chairs for its Inclusion and Diversity committee. 

Please join us for a joint PMI Calumet / PMI-NEIC virtual Chapter Meeting on 9/16/2020 for "Agile Leadership in Courageous Times" by Nabila Safdar

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PMI – Chicagoland Virtual Meeting Opportunity on May 28th at 7:00PM Eastern

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"Seven Traits Good Project Managers Share: Do You Have Them?"

Who’s the best project manager you ever worked with? This question, posed in a Q&A discussion after one of my recent corporate workshops, stimulated some fond reminiscing about all of the project managers I’ve respected through the years and what made them so good. It also probed into some comparison about what they all had in common. If you take nothing else from this talk, do that ... take some quiet time perhaps while sipping that second cup of morning rocket fuel, and develop a list of the project managers you’ve respected through the years. Then think about what traits they all had in common. 

I’ve had the good fortune for decades to work with project managers in successful Fortune 50 companies and rapid-growth startups, ranging across many industries, including aerospace, telecommunications, finance, insurance, retail, information services, and manufacturing. From these experiences, the best project managers I’ve worked with seem to have seven critical traits that will be the focus of this talk.

Are you on your own list of best project managers? Are you on anyone else’s list? What is needed for you to master the skills and thought patterns to get there? Join us and embark on the rewarding path to becoming one of the best project managers you’ve ever worked with.


PMI-Minnesota Virtual Event – Breakfast 
5/26/2020 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM  Eastern

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1 – Leadership PDU

Title:  Being Wild

'Virtual reality' has taken on a whole new meaning as we meet in each other’s living rooms, finding our way in this utterly new terrain.  Whether zoom meetings are commonplace or new for you and your team, it calls for Wildly Inclusive Leadership in order for projects to move forward and team members to be present and engaged.  With the help of some hilarious stories and analogies from Chris’ sled dog team, we’ll dig into how to:

—Be ‘under-cover alpha dogs’ 

—Influence and manage ‘up’ 

—Guide change

—Work with ‘what is’

—Draw out the unique talents of each member of your team, whether they have four legs or two!


Greetings everyone!

I hope that this message finds you and your family healthy and as happy as one can be right now.  First, allow me to apologize to the members of the Chapter and ask that you excuse our absence from communicating to you, and for updating this website in a timely manner.  The PMI-NEIC Leadership Team is made up of volunteers and admittedly, these past few weeks, we have all found ourselves devoting a large amount of time to our “jobs that pay the bills”.  Also, for those of us who have younger children in our new ‘home offices’, we have been gaining a great deal of appreciation for the teachers who spend their days helping our kids navigate school subjects.  While distance learning and distance working have been rewarding, challenging, and many other adjectives in between, we realized that we have been distant from you—our chapter members—and understand that we have a responsibility to provide a service for all of you, especially now with so much uncertainty in our personal and professional lives.

This has been a difficult time for all of us, as we have closed so much of our normal world due to a natural event which has caused hardship, in some cases illness and worse, and ultimately forced a new isolation on us all.  As the state and our local leaders begin measured and careful steps to re-open our world and end some measure of this solitude we have all shared together, it means that we here at PMI-Northeast Indiana need to make the same steps to re-open our services to all of you. This week we volunteers met as a Board to discuss how best to do that. 

2020 began with such promise for us and has become a profound disappointment for the Chapter with regard to our plans to serve you, our members, with new and enriching experiences—all in-person and getting us out together.  The last three gatherings we had planned for the Chapter did not go as planned, being that we couldn’t have those in-person experiences as expected.  I’d like to recap what those Chapter Meetings would have been and what our plans are for them going forward.  I hope you share our anticipation that we are starting to re-open and emerge from our homes but, given the current environment with the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease COVID-19 which could result from exposure to that pathogen, we are cautious—yet optimistic for the rest of 2020.  Given that transmission of this virus can take weeks to truly gain hold in a community, our Chapter is committed to remaining cautious out of an abundance of concern for all of you as members and as more people venture out.  Due to this caution and for the short term, PMI-NEIC will begin to offer virtual meeting experiences, not just from our Northeast Indiana chapter but, I’m pleased to report that our other Regional Chapters who have already scheduled virtual events have also asked us to attend and extended a warm, online hand—welcoming us to join them.  I’ll detail those opportunities on this website and circulate them via our social media as well.  For the previously scheduled, but not held events this is our plan:

  • March 2020: An Evening at The Clyde—We will be postponing this, not cancelling this event and as The Clyde is still working on the expansion of their Club Room, even during the lockdown, it is my hope that we will be able to help them “open” this new space when they are ready and have the presentation, tour, and dinner in an even larger environment.  Ideally, my plan is to have this on a night where live music is being performed as well in the performance space of The Club Room so we can have the full experience.  The date and timing of this is subject to The Clyde’s reopening and the team that worked on getting this event planned will work on the rescheduling.
  • April 2020: The Electric Works Tour—It is my hope to reschedule this event but, this is dependent on the continued availability of access to the site and of the tour presenters.  The upside of this is that it should be warmer when we finally get to go.  We will update on this, or if we will have to substitute a another fun tour in the event it can’t be worked out to reschedule, soon.
  • May 2020: Indiana Tech Meeting—With nearly every school from K through University closed for on-campus events, this one had to be rescheduled as well.  We will DEFINITELY be postponing this event to a later date and I hope you are looking forward to touring the space and the presentation.

For the remainder of 2020, we are optimistic.  We will start with some virtual events and, as I stated above, the details for those events are forthcoming.  My hope for us is that we will transition into in-person events when it makes sense to do so and when we all feel comfortable doing so.  We will NOT be on a “Summer Break” as we have in the past.  It is my intention to continue offering virtual experiences and hopefully, we will have that chance to gather in-person and get to do so in the sun and warmth of 2020 after a late Winter and Spring that brought unexpected dread and uncertainty.

I will work to leverage Twitter as a method of communication—I’ve heard it’s effective and gets attention according to some—besides, they gave me the login… I hope that wasn’t a mistake.  😉

Please take the best of care for yourselves and your loved ones and I look forward to updating you on everything very soon!

--Mike Ruiz

The Role
As the Consultant, Project Management you will consult and analyze and deliver on more complex, cross-functional
initiatives delivered in the Annity IT PMO tower. You will oversee all aspects of various initiatives through planning and
execution, including planning and managing the schedule, scope & budget, ensuring all resources are aligned according
to plan, effectively communicating with stakeholders, assessing and managing change control to eliminate project
impacts, proactively managing and addressing all risks, issues and dependencies as well as monitoring and controlling
the project with the right level of visibility and transparency.
Manages medium to large projects conforming to Lincoln Financial project management standards and processes,
including change control and project management methodology.
Defines, monitors, executes, and controls various sized projects through the system and project development
Execute initiatives with an agile mindset in order to support a fast-paced application development environment while
adhering to Agile and LFG’s Adaptive Framework principles.
Facilitates the procurement of needed hardware, software and human resources for the project (as necessary).
Work with project owners and key stakeholders to execute projects with a customer-driven and quality mindset that
drives out business value and achieves expected project results.
Attends training to grow skills and acquire or maintain PMP designation.
Executes effective project management, including but not limited to: project planning, resource planning, change
management and communications planning, managing changes to the project scope, and ensures that the project
plan is accurate, updated, and reflective of authorized changes.
Champions and enhances organizational initiatives by positively influencing and supporting change management
and/or departmental/enterprise initiatives
Identifies and recommends process improvements that significantly reduce workloads or improve quality
Maintains knowledge on current and emerging developments/trends for assigned area(s) or responsibility, assess the
impact, and collaborates with management to incorporate new trends and developments in current and future
Practices and promotes Lincolns specialized Agile/Scrum delivery methodology, as applicable.
Ensure Scrum theory, practices, and rules are understood and enacted as applicable.
Ability to manage projects with an agile mindset to ensure successful delivery of waterfall initiatives with agile
delivery components.
Serves as a resource to team members and applicable internal/external stakeholders on more complex
Collaborates with project owners and appropriate stakeholders to manage project quality.
Carries out duties in compliance with all state and federal regulations and guidelines. Complies with all company and
site policies and procedures.
Remains current in profession and industry trends.
Makes a positive contribution as demonstrated by: making suggestions for improvement and learning new skills,
procedures and processes.
Successfully completes regulatory and job training requirements.
Ability to perform with a sense of urgency.
Ability to work with others in a team environment.
Performs other duties as required.
4 Year Bachelor’s Degree or 4+ years of equivalent work experience
PMP designation is a preferred
3-5+ Years Project Management experience that directly aligns with the specific responsibilities for this position.
Ability to work with all levels of management to gain information and insure the success of a project.
Solid understanding of software development life cycle models as well as knowledge of both Agile and Traditional
project management principles, practices and the ability to blend them together in the right proportions to fit a
project and business environment.
Political awareness in knowing who to reach out to for assistance on a project.
Strong general business acumen, preferably in the Financial Services space.
Competent in the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and Microsoft Project.
Ability to keep SharePoint up to date with information appropriate to the project.
Judgment to determine what tools and documentation are necessary and appropriate for different types of projects.
Ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders, exceptional oral and written communication skills.
Experience and confidence doing presentations to senior management, facilitate meetings, work independently, set
priorities, and meet deadlines.
Self-directed with demonstrated leadership abilities and strong organizational and planning skills.
Ability to manage multiple projects at a time consisting of IT, vendors and/or multiple departments.
Ability to identify next steps in the project lifecycle of any project and form purpose out of uncertainty.
Ability to identify, communicate, and mitigate risks, and work with diverse stakeholders.