PMI – Chicagoland Virtual Meeting Opportunity on May 28th at 7:00PM Eastern

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"Seven Traits Good Project Managers Share: Do You Have Them?"

Who’s the best project manager you ever worked with? This question, posed in a Q&A discussion after one of my recent corporate workshops, stimulated some fond reminiscing about all of the project managers I’ve respected through the years and what made them so good. It also probed into some comparison about what they all had in common. If you take nothing else from this talk, do that ... take some quiet time perhaps while sipping that second cup of morning rocket fuel, and develop a list of the project managers you’ve respected through the years. Then think about what traits they all had in common. 

I’ve had the good fortune for decades to work with project managers in successful Fortune 50 companies and rapid-growth startups, ranging across many industries, including aerospace, telecommunications, finance, insurance, retail, information services, and manufacturing. From these experiences, the best project managers I’ve worked with seem to have seven critical traits that will be the focus of this talk.

Are you on your own list of best project managers? Are you on anyone else’s list? What is needed for you to master the skills and thought patterns to get there? Join us and embark on the rewarding path to becoming one of the best project managers you’ve ever worked with.

PMI-Minnesota Virtual Event – Breakfast 
5/26/2020 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM  Eastern

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1 – Leadership PDU

Title:  Being Wild

'Virtual reality' has taken on a whole new meaning as we meet in each other’s living rooms, finding our way in this utterly new terrain.  Whether zoom meetings are commonplace or new for you and your team, it calls for Wildly Inclusive Leadership in order for projects to move forward and team members to be present and engaged.  With the help of some hilarious stories and analogies from Chris’ sled dog team, we’ll dig into how to:

—Be ‘under-cover alpha dogs’ 

—Influence and manage ‘up’ 

—Guide change

—Work with ‘what is’

—Draw out the unique talents of each member of your team, whether they have four legs or two!