Greetings everyone!

I hope that this message finds you and your family healthy and as happy as one can be right now.  First, allow me to apologize to the members of the Chapter and ask that you excuse our absence from communicating to you, and for updating this website in a timely manner.  The PMI-NEIC Leadership Team is made up of volunteers and admittedly, these past few weeks, we have all found ourselves devoting a large amount of time to our “jobs that pay the bills”.  Also, for those of us who have younger children in our new ‘home offices’, we have been gaining a great deal of appreciation for the teachers who spend their days helping our kids navigate school subjects.  While distance learning and distance working have been rewarding, challenging, and many other adjectives in between, we realized that we have been distant from you—our chapter members—and understand that we have a responsibility to provide a service for all of you, especially now with so much uncertainty in our personal and professional lives.

This has been a difficult time for all of us, as we have closed so much of our normal world due to a natural event which has caused hardship, in some cases illness and worse, and ultimately forced a new isolation on us all.  As the state and our local leaders begin measured and careful steps to re-open our world and end some measure of this solitude we have all shared together, it means that we here at PMI-Northeast Indiana need to make the same steps to re-open our services to all of you. This week we volunteers met as a Board to discuss how best to do that. 

2020 began with such promise for us and has become a profound disappointment for the Chapter with regard to our plans to serve you, our members, with new and enriching experiences—all in-person and getting us out together.  The last three gatherings we had planned for the Chapter did not go as planned, being that we couldn’t have those in-person experiences as expected.  I’d like to recap what those Chapter Meetings would have been and what our plans are for them going forward.  I hope you share our anticipation that we are starting to re-open and emerge from our homes but, given the current environment with the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease COVID-19 which could result from exposure to that pathogen, we are cautious—yet optimistic for the rest of 2020.  Given that transmission of this virus can take weeks to truly gain hold in a community, our Chapter is committed to remaining cautious out of an abundance of concern for all of you as members and as more people venture out.  Due to this caution and for the short term, PMI-NEIC will begin to offer virtual meeting experiences, not just from our Northeast Indiana chapter but, I’m pleased to report that our other Regional Chapters who have already scheduled virtual events have also asked us to attend and extended a warm, online hand—welcoming us to join them.  I’ll detail those opportunities on this website and circulate them via our social media as well.  For the previously scheduled, but not held events this is our plan:

For the remainder of 2020, we are optimistic.  We will start with some virtual events and, as I stated above, the details for those events are forthcoming.  My hope for us is that we will transition into in-person events when it makes sense to do so and when we all feel comfortable doing so.  We will NOT be on a “Summer Break” as we have in the past.  It is my intention to continue offering virtual experiences and hopefully, we will have that chance to gather in-person and get to do so in the sun and warmth of 2020 after a late Winter and Spring that brought unexpected dread and uncertainty.

I will work to leverage Twitter as a method of communication—I’ve heard it’s effective and gets attention according to some—besides, they gave me the login… I hope that wasn’t a mistake.  😉

Please take the best of care for yourselves and your loved ones and I look forward to updating you on everything very soon!

--Mike Ruiz