Join us for an evening of at Fort Wayne’s only Craft Distillery. Founded in April 2016, Three Rivers Distilling Co. was northeast Indiana's first craft distillery since Prohibition, producing a full lineup of grain-to-bottle products made in Fort Wayne. Ingredients sourced, such as wheat and corn, grow within 100 miles of the distillery.  The distillery produces bourbon, rye whiskey, vodka, coffee liqueur, gin, rum, and 122-proof corn whiskey – named in honor of the men and women in the 122nd Fighter Wing based here in Fort Wayne– in liquor stores all over the city. We will be in the tasting lounge overlooking the distilling area.  We will have a presentation on the lessons learned while bringing this company from concept to community asset.  They promise to share the good and the bad making this a unique opportunity to learn about the risks and mitigations of setting up a small business in Northeast Indiana.  The evening will also include a tour of the facility and a cash bar for those who wish to sample their wares.

Dinner served buffet style

  • White Corn Chips & Medium Heat Salsa
  • Spinach Salad-Fresh Spinach, Bacon, Red Onion, Apples, Hard Boiled Egg & Candied Pecans
  • Bourbon Salted Carmel Cheesecake made with their own Bourbon
  • Your choice of Sandwich:
    • Crave Grilled Cheese-Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, Bacon, Honey, & Candied Pecans.
    • Philly Cheesesteak Bahn Mi – Pickled Vegetables, Roast Beef Simmered in Bourbon Demi, Cheese Sauce
    • Buffalo Chicken Wrap -Buffalo Chicken, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, & Blue Cheese Dressing


Three Rivers Distilling Company, LLC, 224 E. Wallace Street Fort Wayne, IN 46803

May 15, 2019

Networking 5:30PM – 6:00PM

Dinner: 6:00PM -7:00PM

Presentation and Tour: 7:00PM -8:00PM


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In Between Jobs? NEIC Stands by You

NEIC will make every effort to help you during your transition to your next endeavor. Here are few key points:

  • When attending Chapter dinner meeting, you will only pay $10. You are highly encouraged to take advantage of this - the least we can do for you. Please pick "PMI Hardship Provision" when selecting Membership Discount during Registration.
  • NEIC has a resume bank which we share with our recruiter partners. You can reach out at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we promise to do our best.
  • Your membership dues will be waived by PMI and Chapter.




 February 22 [C164-2017-02-1PDU] Peggy Willman and Dave Vollenweider Present 'Agile at Swiss Re' 

On February 22, your chapter presented "Agile at Swiss Re", featuring Peggy Willman, who used telepresence from Swiss Re's Kansas City office to show how SharePoint and Agile are used together to support project management. Dale Vollenweider shared how Atlassian's JIRA tool was used to introduce agile to in a multi-team, global environment.





 September 28th [C164-2016-09-1PDU] David Ray Presents 'How to Develop a Problem Solving Culture' 

 In order to continuously improve, your organization must learn to be effective at problem solving.  The result will be processes that are standardized, with minimal variation and waste. 



June 24th[C164-2016-06-1.5PDU] Clifford Clarke presented - 2016 New Member – New PMP Orientation and Open House 

Click here to see the presentation.

April 27th [C164-2016-04-1PDU] David A. Maynard presents 'Why is Project Management So Difficult?'

David MaynardAccording to PMI’s well-regarded international research conducted in 2015, the “Pulse of the Profession”, companies need to get back to basics and focus upon three fundamentals: culture, talent and process. PMI states that “High-performing organizations fully understand the value of project management and are creating a project management mindset.” This presentation focuses upon the item: “The culture of managing by projects” and is based upon the author’s work experiences as well as published research. 

Click here to see the presentation.

March 23rd [C164-2016-03-1PDU] Robert Frost presents 'A PMO Model for Strategic Execution and Value Delivery'

Robert Frost

Based on lessons from several successful PMO implementations, including a global PMO transformation, Robert has developed a “PMO Value Model” as a framework for building a world class PMO with a focus on delivering business value. This session focused on how organizations can optimize resources to deliver a continuous flow of projects that create business value. The key features of this high value strategic model include portfolio management, resource management, processes that accelerate project delivery, and choosing the right projects.

Click here to see the presentation.

February 23rd [C164-2016-02-1PDU] Mike Filson presents 'Personal Personnel Power – How to manage the most valuable resource that ISN’T a “resource”'

Mike Filson

It’s no secret that regardless of the industry within which you practice project management, the common denominator has always been that people do the work.  The call to be answered is how to get the most out of the people on your project, whether they be internal or external to the organization. Spend an hour examining best practices for managing people, while exploring unique examples from history of people being relegated to the stories rarely told, instead of their own chapters in the history books.

January 27th [C164-2016-01-1PDU] Dr. Steven Walter, PMP Systems Impact, LLC presents "The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore: Lessons Learned"

Mike Krouse

While many speak of a renaissance in project management, there are very few who speak of project management in the Renaissance. An example of early project management was the design and construction of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, the world’s third largest church and one of the most famous landmarks in Florence, Italy. It is widely recognized as an architectural and engineering tour de force due to its freestanding dome that was constructed from more than 4 million bricks, weighing more than 37,000 tons.




January 28th [C164-2015-01-1PDU] Mike Krouse presented "January is Cold, BR… Benefits Realization"

Mike Krouse
We have all been taught and faithfully practice the triple constraint. For PM’s, managing our projects to scope, schedule, and cost is our holy grail.

I would like to suggest that even though these aspects are important to managing the project, they do not create value for the organization. The real value comes from realizing the benefits that are the result of the project. Click here to view presentation.


February 25th [C164-2015-02-1PDU] Susan Riehle presents Harvesting Leadership Skills from your Team (Growing Motivation and Developing Leadership on Teams).

Susan Riehle

Leadership is rightfully one of the hottest topics around. Susan takes a new and refreshing look at how to identify leadership skills within your team and how to nurture those skills. She also looks at the different ways that various cultures around the world view leadership and how to use these insights to develop leaders—including developing female leaders and those from other cultures. Susan’s background includes leading technical teams across several continents. She offers compelling ideas that can help your team to the next level, while helping you recognize and develop your own leadership skills.

Clear here to view presentation.

March 13th [C164-2015-03-1.5PDU] Clifford Clarke presents "Open House and New PMP Member Orientation" meeting.

Clifford ClarkeProject Management Institute Northeast Indiana Chapter will host the 2015 New Member – New PMP Orientation and Open House Friday, March 13, begin at 5:30 PM with light hors d'oeuvres and drinks. Swiss Re will open they space to this special group at 1670 Magnavox Way, Fort Wayne IN 46804. Mr. Clifford Clarke PMP, the chapter’s Director of Community Outreach, will lead the discussion. This session is expressly designed for the new PMI-NEIC chapter members and newly certified project management professionals and they are especially encouraged to attend

 Click here to view presentation.

March 18th [C164-2015-03-2PDU] PMI-NEIC and Fort Wayne IIBA have joined together with Kupe Kupersmith who will present Building a Successful PM & BA Partnership

Kupe KupersmithHave you ever wondered why projects need a BA and PM? Do you know the similarities and difference between a BA and PM? Have you ever been on a project where you have played both roles? In today’s environment and with each new project an understanding of the importance of both roles is necessary. It is important for project managers (PMs) and business analysts (BAs) to build strong working relationships based on mutual respect and understanding of each other’s work. 


April 22nd [C164-2015-04-1PDU] Nick Warren presents Root Cause Analysis: Quality Intersecting with Project Management

Come ready for an interactive multi-media presentation where Nick will discuss root cause and corrective action principles transferrable to almost any industry.  As part of his presentation, Nick will share compelling case histories and insights from 28 years of experience in the Defense and Aerospace industry! To find out more about Nick’s lab, go to



May 27th  [C164-2015-05-1PDU] Cliff Staton presents "Topic – Does Winning = Success?"

Cliff StatonHow often do we make project activities about competition? What is your definition of team? Learn how your small choices during a project can impact the overall success of the end result.

September 23rd [C164-2015-09-1PDU] Ryan Ripley presents "HELP!!! The Scrum Master *IS* the Impediment!"

Ryan RipleyThe change in mindset necessary to become a servant leader is incredibly hard for a scrum master who comes from a command and control background. As a newly minted Professional Scrum Master (PSM I), I returned to my team excited and ready to get underway with a scrum adoption. Unfortunately, I had not fully grasped the concept of servant leadership. Instead of being a change agent, I was an impediment. Click here to download the presentation.

October 28th [C164-2015-10-1PDU] JULIE KOWALSKI of Spizzerinctum Group LLC presents "Emotional Intelligence"

Julie KowalskiJulie Kowalski shared exactly what EI is, how it is assessed / measured, take an EI assessment to learn your personal current level of EI and the specific steps you can take to dramatically improve your personal Emotional Intelligence score!  Click here to download the presentation about ccr.


December 2nd [C164-2015-12-1PDU] Will Long and David Tomaszewski, Executive owners of Summit City Brewerks present "Applying the Principles of Project Management by the Brew Masters at Summit City Brewerks"

sblogoProject management is necessary in the formation of small business as it is in any arena of a functioning entity.  Before you have the chance to design products or decide if they show signs of viability, a means is necessary.  Summit City Brewerks went through many stages of planning, designing, and execution before it became a reality. The two founders risked everything for a dream, and are reaping the benefits of self employment.







Register for Purdue Fort Wayne (PFW) and PMI Northeast Indiana Chapter Partnership classes!

Purdue University Fort Wayne's (PFW's) Division of Continuing Studies has been working in concert with Dave Maynard of Northeast Indiana Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI-NEIC) to provide local businesses and the northeast Indiana region with project management training and the opportunity to earn an PFW/NEIC Project Management Certificate.

There are Project Management classes scheduled for the Fort Wayne PFW facilities. 

Click here to sign up for our partnered project management classes.