In this one-day Fall 2009 workshop titled "10 Steps to Successful Project Management" will guide and help the business professional to plan, organize, control the project effort as well as costs, and deliver the results the business demands. The session will be facilitated by Lou Russell, author of 10 Steps to Successful Project Management.   Click here to see the IPFW promotional flyer  and learn how to register.

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Mind Mapping ClassWhat is Mind Mapping?
Mind mapping is a powerful graphics technique that uses words, images, number and colors to help you absorb information in a manner that makes it stick and helps you learn.  It helps you visualize your subject / problem and identify the best way forward.

Why Mind Mapping?

  • Planning activities and processes
  • Communicating, presenting and organizing information
  • Problem solving, solution development
  • Note taking, researching
  • Memory recall, preparing for exams
  • Overviews, summarizing and pre-writing
  • Generating reports, essays and presentations
  • Developing, preparing and managing project plans
  • Managing meetings, actions and to-do lists
  • Thinking, brainstorming and developing new thoughts and insights
Mind Mapping and Project Management
Mind mapping software can be a powerful tool for managing your projects, your goals and even your to-do lists. Mind maps are very visually oriented, and enable you to gather, manage and share a large variety of information and resources quickly and easily -- making them an ideal tool for managing projects. 
Mind maps not only help you with initial project planning, but also status reporting and various aspects of project management. Acting like a visual "executive summary," your project maps can elegantly communicate an essential overview of your project, while also enabling team members to easily drill down to deeper levels of detail. 
Want to learn more about Mind Mapping?
Here's a great Blog on the topic

In this four-meeting Fall 2009 workshop from Dave Maynard and Lynn Tidwell, they will present "Microsoft® Project 2007: Basic".  Click here to see the IPFW promotional flyer and learn how to register.

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Discussions with your classmates and instructor

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Flexible Schedule

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  • No set class time.

Flexible Locations

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