Let's begin 2018 with Learn to Curl fun event where you will not only learn about founding of Fort Wayne Curling Club, but will also have a blast learning the fun sport of Curling

The Winter Olympics are a huge boon for curling as interest skyrockets due to the television coverage.  In 2013, the Fort Wayne Curling Club was 24 members and had concerns about properly taking advantage of the upcoming Winter Olympics while curling on hockey ice.  With less than $500 in the bank, the club took on the risky initiative to build their own facility.  3.5 months and $375,000 later they had their own facility and are now thriving.  With over 100 members, the club is now poised to reap the benefits of the 2018 Winter Olympics that start in less than a month.  Hear from club founder, Craig Fischer (a former PM-NEIC member), how the club made the dream of a dedicated facility come true.  And learn to play the game as well!

Register now and meet with us at  Fort Wayne Curling Club (3674 N Wells St, Fort Wayne, IN 46808.)


Wednesday 31 January 2018, 06:00pm


6pm - Presentation and Pizza

7PM onwards - Curling


Registration Options: 

​Curling+ Presentation+Food - $40 Registration Price (plus Pizza/soft drinks provided)

Attendee Only Option - $15 for Presentation plus food (but, no curling)



Registration Deadline - Monday 1/29/18 - 5pm

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