Happy fall, everyone!  Our inaugural New Member Dinner event in August was a success!  Board members Clifford Clarke, Rich Laudeman and Aaron Brune hosted new members for a pizza dinner.  If you are a new member within the last 12 months, please consider coming to the next new member dinner event.

The next PMI-sponsored Leadership Institute event occurs in October in Chicago.  Your board will use this event to restart its strategic planing effort for 2018.  This leadership conference is a benefit of board leadership, and also something for resumes and employers which demonstrates a commitment to learning and self-improvement.

We also are looking to plan a student-only event this year.  Anyone who identifies as a PM student (either in our chapter-sponsored classes at IPFW or elsewhere) will be invited.  Watch this space for updates on that exciting additional programming.

There are many like-minded volunteers within the PMI who want our profession to continue to grow.  Join us to help the profession, your employer, and yourself!  To become part of our exciting and fun group, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also don't forget to check in VRMS for your interests to volunteer--our profession's future depends on you!